24) REMIC Fraud The laws concerning the securitization of notes is quite clear; if you want to take a negotiable instrument like a loan note and convert it to something that can be traded on wall street such as a stock or a bond, which are “security” instruments, you can do so, but then you can never change it back to a loan note or “negotiable instrument”. Once these pools of notes are converted to stock they are supposed to be put into the loan pool, and they have 90 days from the closing of the pool to do so. Hoever, none of this hardly ever occurs as in fact, the notes are destroyed and lost so that no one ever finds out the truth about the https://www.airjordanhot.com notes having been converted to a security instrument, because if a security instrument were to materialize concerning your home and they also have in their possession a loan note, that is admission of fraud on their part.

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