We think it tells us about the person, not the historical period. The outdated language makes the character a different person, and we don’t feel as close to her as we would if she spoke like us.Same for “hang out”, pretty easy to look up. The show is toned down though, I don contest that point, although I would argue that it strikes a very neat balance between factuality and language serving the narrative and just putting a slightly modern spin on it for the sake of humor.The whole “this isn your grandmother muff” bit? The show is chock full of witticisms and jokes that are framed through our languages and customs, sort of what sold me on the show to begin with.

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Dworkin has also disavowed the quote as a false statement circulated by her opponents. She has denied saying that “all sex is rape” or “all men are rapists.” When asked to explain her views on the topic, Dworkin replied: “Penetrative intercourse is, by its nature, violent. But I’m not saying that sex must be rape.

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