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However, Florida was Boughner first NHL head coaching post after stints as an assistant coach with the San Jose Sharks and Columbus Blue Jackets. The Panthers failed to make the playoffs in either of Boughner season despite an 80 62 22 record. Boughner still has two years left on a four year contract he signed with Florida in 2017..

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Your life needn’t change so dramatically to experience the Berkshires, 1 1/2 hours from Hartford. Take Route 44 through New Hartford and Norfolk and turn north onto Route 7 in North Canaan. Or drive along numerous other country byways or jump onto I 91 north to the Mass Pike. “It is not the same issue as for the female staff, who don’t want to fly because they don’t want to wear the veil,” said Gidon. “We know they are women, but that’s not the same for gay people. Their sexual orientation needs to remain a secret and not be written on a list.”.

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