Customize Safari

Customize Safari Toolbar

Safari a coque 360 samsung s7 spigen nice browser but you can make it nicer by customizing the toolbar. What you learn in this blog post will help you in other programs (Mail, the Finder, Pages, Keynote, coque sable mouvant samsung s5 and many more) so you getting a lot for your money here.

Wowee, coque samsung note 8 tigre choices galore! Do what coque huawei p9 they tell you: coque samsung s6 edge plastique coque huawei pro rigide drag buttons up and into the toolbar. If you change your mind, drag them off the toolbar. Arrange them any which samsung note 8 coque disney way you like. It your toolbar: do what coque iphone 8 plus armee you want to it.

Here what I did to mine. Check out these buttons, working from left to right (and click the picture for a larger version):

Back one page

Forward one page

Smaller text and pictures (Safari 4 in version 3, it just smaller text)

Larger text and pictures coque samsung s7 coque samsung s7 triangle (see above)

Auto fill (fills in web page forms with the information on your card in your Address Book)

1Password (not free, but really cool. Read about coque huawei p20 it further coque coques personnalisees iphone 5 5s se samsung galaxy s6 edge silicone stitch down in the blog)Home (takes you back to the page Safari coque noeud samsung s7 starts with)

Top Sites (drag the little picture to the coque samsung s5 zen left of in this case, coque samsung s7 digital the Apple logo to the Top cordon coque iphone xs Sites icon to add it to Top Sites, and click on Top Sites to see what double coque samsung galaxy s7 edge your Top Sites are.

Add coque iphone 8 sons of anarchy to Bookmarks

Customizing the toolbar is fun, and you can break it. If you really mess coque samsung s6 edge rabat up and want to start over just drag the standard set back up to the toolbar.

Apple Mail program (and Keynote, and the Finder, and Pages, etc.) work the same way. You know everything you need now to customize toolbars there too. Try it and jawseu coque etui pour samsung galaxy s7 let me know how it goes.

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