Apple is apparently interested in magasin coque iphone montpellier using drones for one of its more mysterious upcoming endeavors, coque iphone 5s imprimée as a new report on a government coque iphone xr apple silicone coque iphone xr carte bancaire drone program reveals.

The Cupertino tech giant coque iphone xr tracteur has reportedly applied to participate in a new pilot program that would allow governments, corporations and other entities to perform tests beyond what currently allowed per Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, according to Reuters. The program was coque iphone 6s map first launched last year by the Trump administration. Department coque squishy iphone xr of coque iphone 5s per Transportation announced 10 winning local coque iphone 6 gateau or state governments that will host the experiments. Technology and aerospace firms, which have partnered with those governments, will reportedly play a role in the tests.

The winning coque iphone xr adidqs communities include San Diego, California; Raleigh, North Carolina; Topeka, Kansas; Reno, Nevada; coque iphone 6 carbonne and Fairbanks, Alaska, Bloomberg reported. There currently no coque iphone 6 hm word which corporate partners have also won application to the program.

As part of the program, the winners will be allowed to carry out more extensive testing which is currently barred by aviation regulators. They might including flying drones at night, over people on the ground, or outside of a pilot line of sight.

Along with Apple, coque iphone 6 silicone bois other firms coque iphone xr thor that have applied to the program include Amazon, Alphabet, Intel, Qualcomm, and Airbus SE. All in all, about 200 coque iphone louane companies applied to be part of the program.

These firms have a vested interest in coque iphone 5 one direction the nascent technology Amazon, for example, has its own plans to eventually use drones to deliver packages on a widespread scale. coque iphone poule official told Reuters that the winners detailed projects ranging from environmental monitoring to coque iphone boutique paris pipeline oversight.

Why Would Apple Need coque iphone 5s camargue This ProgramIt not clear what projects Apple may have in store that involve drones. Back in late 2016, Bloomberg reported that the Cupertino firm wanted to use unmanned aircraft to improve its Apple Maps platform.

CommentApple doesn currently sell any first party drones and there hasn been any indication that it intends to do so in the near future.

Similarly, beyond Apple Maps, it unknown if Apple has plans to coque iphone 5s rinochilde use batterie externe coque iphone 4s drones to improve its platforms or even leverage the technology to create new ones. It all obscure at this coque iphone xr turquie point coque iphone 6 maxiscoot in time, which is no surprise considering Apple penchant for secrecy. By using iDrop News you agree to coque iphone 6s silicone nike rose our terms and conditions. iDrop News and its contents are not affiliated or endorsed by Apple, Inc…

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